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About Hometown Mailing Lists and Direct Mail

HomeTown Lists & Direct Mail was established in 1995 to help local businesses market their products and services to the local community. We are a family owned business that truly cares about your success and budget.
We have three goals to reach for all of our clients:
1.) Educate you on all of the mailing/marketing lists available to you and your business. There are thousands of mailing lists that we have available and we have achieved the cheapest discount based on the volume of mailing lists that we purchase annually. Therefore, we can pass on a huge savings discount and get you around the expensive minimum orders that are out there.
2.) Help you to find the most affordable-best quality printing for your selected type of mailpiece. We work with numerous printers in our area and we will tell you who to go to directly based on the type of postcard, tri-fold, envelope/letter or brochure/newsletter you are wanting printed.
3.) Help you understand the United States Postal Service and all of the mailing requirements. We will help you achieve the lowest postage rates possible whether you are mailing First-Class Presort or Presorted Standard(Bulk) or if you have your own Non-Profit Permit. We allow all of our customers to use our mailing permit so that you do not have to purchase your own. A postal permit costs $180.00 annually plus a $180.00 startup fee ($360.00), so please take advantage and save your money.

Wes Tinkham and Family

A note from Wes Tinkham, owner of HomeTown Lists & Direct Mail, I have found four things that make direct mail effective.

#1 The Mailing List – It is my responsibility to educate and help you choose the most effective mailing list based on your budget, needs and type of business.
#2 Timing is Everything – There are better times of the year when consumers/businesses are more receptive to respond to your mailpiece offer.
#3 The Look of your Mailpiece – It is advisable to make your mailpiece look as professional as it can be. This is your first appearance, so make it look good. It is no more expensive when designing your mailpiece usually to make your mailpiece look great.
#4 The Offer – You have to give the reader a reason to want to get in touch with you or visit your location. I have seen so many nice looking mailpieces that weren’t effective because they lacked an offer or call to action.

With over 15 years of direct mail advertising experience, I have seen thousands of mailpieces and have seen what works. If direct mail does NOT work for your type of business, I will be up front and tell you. Please do not hesitate to call me personally to discuss your ideas. I am always available to talk and discuss our mail business.

Wes Tinkham, Owner
ph# 1-800-798-4811