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New Homeowner Mailing Lists

We compile each month a list of new homeowners that have closed on homes in your county or city on a monthly basis. This is a good source to grow your business/practice with new clients/ patients. We research the deeds that are filed each day and send the newest homeowners to you each month. You can receive this data each month via email in Excel or Word formats or we can print peel-n- stick mailing labels and a printout and mail to you each month. The information you receive each month is the new homeowners’ name, new address, purchase price, mortgage amount, new construction or a resold home, loan type, rate type, closing date, phone number if available, etc.

New Homeowners are your new neighbors and a great source of new business. They will spend more in the first six months making buying decisions and furnising their new home then they will over the next four years combined. Call us today at 1-800-798-4811 or email us at to find out how much and how many.