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Consumer Mailing Lists

Reach the best consumers…
for your small business, church or general event. Increase sales and improve your direct mail response with custom lists that target the best consumer prospects for your products or services. Some examples of select consumer mailing lists that are available are:

Dwelling Type
Marital Status
Net worth Ranking
Presence of Pool
Number of Bathrooms
Number of Adults
Potential Investors
Home Business
Presence of Young Adult
Credit Statistics
Household Income
Home Value
Total Property Value
Number of Credit Cards
Number of Units
Main Building Material
Number of Children
Business Owners
Person Type
PC Owner
Technology Enthusiasts
Many Property Characteristics
Presence of Kids
Age of Children
Land Value
Mail Order Recency
Mail Order History
Number of Bedrooms
Length of Residence
Number of Persons
Census Values
Presence of Elderly Adult
Property Sq. Ft.
Late Payments

We specialize in hard to find mailing lists and we have many specialty consumer lists available. If you don’t see what you are looking for here, give us a call at (800) 798-4811. We have access to thousands of specialty lists and if it’s out there, we’ll find it for you!