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List Management

Lists Are Very Important

Welcome to Hometown Lists. If this is your first time starting a direct mail campaign, or you are a mailing veteran, we can help you with your direct mail campaign. When you want to reach an established audience, MAKE sure you are buying the best mailing list. I promise, we take this seriously and that is why we will ask a lot of questions about your business to find out who your ideal client/prospect is and then we will go find it.

Some of the mailing lists we offer include:

Nationwide Business to Consumer Mailing Lists: Hometown Mailing Lists can help to build a business to consumer mailing list based on areas you select and based on your target audience and the demographics you need such as age, income, home value, presence of children (by age), gender, year home built, renters and many, many more!

Nationwide Business to Business Mailing Lists: Hometown Mailing Lists can help you streamline your marketing in a B2B environment to ensure you have specific business mailing lists based on the type of business you are targeting, the specific geographical location, and other data you may want to provide. Lists will include contact names, company names ,addresses and phone numbers we can include email addresses when available.

Nationwide Specialty Mailing Lists: When you need a specialty mailing list, Hometown Mailing Lists can help you reach a large network of list providers in a variety of industries. Our experienced staff can help you to create tailored lists to meet your needs whether it is license holders, doctors, teachers, etc.

Targeting Specific Leads

Want to target specific leads? For anyone in need of specific mailing lists for their target market with direct mail, Hometown Mailing Lists can give you consumer and business lists based on breakdowns like:

  • Income Levels: Target specific income levels such as consumers with annual salaries over $100,000 each year
  • Home Ownership: Target ranges based on home values such as $250,000 and above, or length of residence

Specific Business Criteria: Reach companies with specific employee sizes such as companies with over 100 employees, or estimated sales volume to ensure you’re not wasting your money. You can also specify the type of business or use a combination of business types